TANIDA was established in 1962.
With the spirit of “Going beyond the manufacturing limitation”
We have been changing with the times as a precision casting and machining
specialist for aluminum and magnesium alloys.


TANIDA has been taking challenges against our own limitations, and that of the industry.
In late 1980’s, we specifically focused on aluminum alloy, while continuously introducing NC machines.
By the provision of casting to machining as an integrated production, we have established our own strength.
This includes adding enormous values to our customers / products, adoption to multi-variety, small lot production,
as well as short lead time.

In 2002, we started our business in motorsport industry.
By contributing to the production of motorcycles and automobile engine parts,
we had our turning point in releasing our full potential.

“TANIDA-ism” to conquer challenges without setting our own limitations quickly bloomed in motorsport industry,
and resulted in wider performance and achievements, generating greater financial profits.

In 2012, TANIDA made its first step in aerospace industry.
Beginning from the establishment of Aerospace Division,
We started working towards the Nadcap accreditation.
As an independent firm owning the capability to manufacture aerospace castings parts,
our business extended to direct trade with companies abroad.
Today our name is widely known to Japanese mega corps, allowing us to have extensive sales channels.

Facing sincerely to customer requirements, offering best solutions to all issues possible.
The history of TANIDA is entirely centred upon and formed by breaking the limitations.
We believe that there is no limitation to technologies.

As the innovator of precision casting, we strive to go beyond the limitations of our industry.