Information on Entrusted Inspection

TANIDA offers high quality inspection by Nadcap approved inspectors,
using reliable and superior techniques at a fair price and lead-time.


ISO9001 Certificated in Apr 1998
ISO14001 Certificated in May 2001
JISQ9100 Certificated in Dec 2009※1
• Non-destructive inspection (PT Fluorescent Penetrant Testing)(Accredited since January 2015)
• Chemical process (PPE etching) )(Accredited since January 2015)
• Heat treatment (HT Aluminum alloy / Magnesium alloy)(Accredited since October 2017)
• Material testing (MTL tensile test, hardness test, analysis)(Accredited since March 2019)
• Non-destructive inspection (DDA / CR digital x-ray inspection)(Accredited since August 2019)
• Welding (WLD repair welding)(Accredited since May 2020)

- Entrusted Inspection -

Example of Non-destructive inspection equipment in TANIDA

■X-ray CT scanning
Fluorescent penetrant system

■Internal analysis
Nadcap approved

■X-ray DR scanning
Optical 3D digitizer

■ASTM compliant
High accuracy non-contacting measurements by CCD camera

Non-Destructive Inspection by X-ray CT

Internal quality inspection by NDT for parts and assembly / Internal quality inspection for casted parts, monitor casting defects and locations / Quality inspection for weldment and brazed parts / Inspection of contacts on electrical and electronic circuit / Inspection of filler in parts interior (example : silicon) / Inspection and dimensional measurement of internal contour / Outputting 3D data (polygon modelling)

In addition to other Non-Destructive internal examination, broad range of inspections are available as most suitable to every single needs.


X-Ray CT Scanning


Y.CT Compact

Maximum work-size
φ450*500mm, 30㎏
Maximum X-ray tube output
Tube voltage 450 kV / Tube current 1.55 mA / mini-focus
Resolution limit : detection limit
254μm pixel pitch
Voxel size
under 110 µm
Line sensor detector

Suitable for inspection of mid to large sized items, mini-focus X-ray CT system is the best solution for thickness up to 65mm for iron and 250mm for aluminium. Slice images generated only in 30 seconds, it is well suited for supervision of production process, quality control, and prototype manufacturing. fitted with high-res 450kV X-ray generator and line sensor optimised for acquisition of images, getting 3D image data has never been easier and quicker.

Inspection fee

Standard rate

45,000 / pose (Up to 1 hour including placement and parameter adjustment) (Output – continuous slice images)

Hourly rate


3D analysis

30,000 / continuous data including 2 pose output
2,500 / images 3D images of specific areas / locations
20,000 / date output in STL (polygon data)

Standard lead time

7 days from receipt of sample (Expedited service available upon request)

Cost estimation

Sample size

H150mm x W120mm


1mm pitch, 60sec / slice, 150 slice x 60 sec = 150 minutes, with 3D analysis
A : standard rate 45,000 + images taken for 2.5 hours x 35,000 = 132,500 yen
B : 3D analysis Output of slice continuous image data from different directions = 30,000 yen
C : Dimensional measurement of specified areas, 2 outputs of image data = 5,000
Total = 167,500 yen


X-Ray DR Scanning



Maximum work-size
Φ800*1500mm, 60㎏
Maximum X-ray tube output
Tube voltage 225 kV / Tube current 7.0 mA
focus size 0.25/0.30/0.50/0.8
Resolution pitch :
Resolution limit : detection limit :
FPD (Flat Panel Detector) 200 x 200

The latest digital flat panel detector FPD is ideal for inspection of extra large items, and a combination with Y.HDR-Inspect technology will allow us to observe in details with sharp and clear videos, even if the material has a mixture of thin and thick areas. Output will be a high quality, high-contrast vivid 2D image data. This unit is appropriate for thickness approximately 100mm for aluminium, and 15mm for iron, and can be used for manual shot. It is also capable of programmed shooting using the teaching function, a great tool if you are measuring repetitively.

Inspection fee

Standard rate

30,000 / pose (Up to 1 hour including placement and parameter adjustment)

Hourly rate


3D analysis

2,500 / each (data in .tiff format)

Standard lead time

5 days from receipt of sample (Expedited service available upon request)

Cost estimation

Description of work

Confirmation of wiring status for electronic component

Sample size

H120 x W50 mm (Qty : 5)
A : Standard rate 30,000 + measurement 1.5 hours / 35,000 = 82,500
B : 2 each (Qty : 5) x 2,500 = 25,000
Total = 107,500 yen

OTHER machine

Major inspections and verifications offered

Non-Destructive Inspection

Penetrant Inspection ※1
Fluorescent Penetrant System (Nadcap approved))
Detects surface defects such as cracks and pin-holes with high accuracy
Inspection report issued by Nadcap approved inspector
Dimensional measurement
Contacting-type CMM
High accuracy dimensional measurement to the 1/1000th by Carl Zeiss CenterMax
Profile measurement and gear measurement & analysis also available
Non-contacting type CMM (Optical digitizer)
High accuracy measurement of contour by Steinbicheler COMET-IV
Output of shape comparison data by colour map
Utilization of data for reverse engineering
※1 Fluorescent Penetrant System

Destructive Inspection

Material Testing (Nadcap approved) ※1
Detects surface defects such as cracks and pin-holes with high accuracy
Inspection report issued by Nadcap approved inspector
Structural Observation
Keyence VHX-2000 Observation data from microscope suitable for observation of metallography, stereo microscope + SEM + Metallurgical microscope and measuring microscope
※1 Versatile material testing equipment

- Services Offered -


Heat Treatment

Batch type continuous furnace (gas furnace) : 3 units
MakeHokuriku Techno
FeatureAMS2750 class 4, AMS2771 compliant / Nadcap approved
AMS compliant, Nadcap approved heat treat furnace
Data available for the temperature during the process, equivalent to T6 HT process, 2 batch / day


Test Piece

Producing high-precision test piece for internal material testing
TANIDA can also produce test piece from customer provided sample material.
We are able to fabricate ideal test piece by precision machining, according to the test content and budget.
Our test piece will be made with surface treated and machined material to suit your needs.



Casting Simulation (CAE)
MAGMA SOFT simulates flowability and solidification of castings, helping you to build most suitable gating and casting plan
FeatureFlow and solidification analysis software for casting