"Makino a82" -No.1 the horizontal machining center has been introduced. We will get No.2 and the pallet stocker (28 pallets) erected and working as FMS line by Aug. 2013. It makes the capacity improved by 30% more or less. Besides, it can achieve machining more difficult and higher quality. See TANIDA meeting your expectation in the days ahead.


Visited to "Paris Air Show" taken place in France. Being 50-year anniversary, the show was signifying aerospace in the booming market. We are now planning to make a presentation with AvioCast Inc. through our joint venture corporation next time. Expect Paris Air Show in 2015.


Set up a booth at the Small & Medium Enterprises Engineering Exhibition. Being sponsoring a racing team, we got their racing motorcycle showcased there. We could make opportunities to appeal to many interested party by our technology. Thank you all for coming by.


TANIDA's aerospace business plan has been adopted for Subsidy of Manufacturing, 2012. This makes it possible for us to introduce a tensile tester for Nadcap certification. See TANIDA's aerospace business keeping accelerated in the future.


Signed the joint venture agreement with AvioCast Inc. in Taiwan. Thank all of the interested party so much for coming by. TANIDA is developing aerospace business through the joint venture focusing machining in Taiwan. Expect TANIDA's aerospace business developing more than ever.
Left:Mr. Honda, chair man of AvioCast Inc.
Mid:Mr. Tanimoto, prefectural governor of Ishikawa


Introduced the latest model of heat-treating furnace. It's compliant with AMS2750 and being certified for Nadcap to make it ready for aerospace in the days ahead. See TANIDA's aerospace business in expectation.


TANIDA's aerospace business plan has been adopted for Subsidy of Strategic Fundamental Technology Sophistication, 2012. TANIDA's working for sure toward the foray into aerospace. Expect our activities from now on.


We made a presentation at Farnborough International Air show 2012 on 7/9 -15 in UK. TANIDA took the initial great step at the place where the global leading companies unveil their latest technology for aircraft. Please take notice of TANIDA keeping venturing at the business activities.
Farnborough airshow


Decided to make a presentation at Farnborough International Air show 2012 in UK. TANIDA has set up the specialized Dept.for certification to mark our first entrée into aerospace. See TANIDA's activities hereafter in expectation.
Date: June 9th to 15th, 2012
Place: Farnborough Airport


Redesigned our website.
You can see what's new and appealing about TANIDA. Take notice of it in expectation.


Kumiko Tanida took office as chairperson and representative director.
Kouichi Komai took office as president of TANIDA. TANIDA shall actualize the growth more than ever.


Applied to the municipality for certification of a manufacturer with a business model of facility revamping for energy saving. TANIDA's addressing energy and electricity saving as part of service to society.


Making a presentation at the Small & Medium Enterprises Engineering Exhibition in Ishikawa prefecture, we can take opportunities for many visitors to know TANIDA's advanced technology.